About Us

One of the main focuses of this show is the Young Collectors Group. We believe that it is the youth of today that will carry on the traditions of our hobbies and agricultural history into the future for other generations.

Preservation is another key focus to assist our local agricultural historical societies and museums with funds to continue their great work. This event raises money and awareness for the seven agricultural museums in Henry County. Donations are graciously accepted and ALL donations go to the Atkinson Township Historical Society to be dispersed among the Henry County Museums for preserving the past, present and future. This event bring a lot of visitors to our museums and local businesses.

An important feature that we feel sets us apart from other shows is a special display area set aside for friends and families of the hobbyist who have passed away. This is to honor those who have led the way in the preservation, history and tradition of our agricultural heritage. To move forward we need to remember those and their ways that have set forth a path for our youth and agricultural museums.

For more information please feel free to email us at :

[email protected]

or call:

Dave Carton (309)441-5915 (after 6pm please)